Sunday, January 16, 2005

1/16 Yesterday was Staff Day

It was enjoyable as usual. Way too much food, and I did a poor job of controlling my eating. Hate that.

But it was nice to celebrate all the accomplishments of the last year and watch some deserving people receive awards.

Afterward most people went to the Ale House to have a beer. I was going to go but ended up driving right by it and going home. That's not like me. But I was feeling a little down and decided to skip the merriment.

Arriving home was nice because Peggy had been in to clean the place. Coming home to a clean house is a wonderful treat. That's one of the reasons I have the second job--in order to afford a house cleaner.

Today I'm going to hook up my new printer and watch football. I'll print some pictures once I get the thing hooked up. Had to buy a usb hub yesterday, and also bought some blank DVDs. My computer doesn't copy movies, but other people's do, and I needed some blank DVDs. Additionally I got a nice extension cord, so I can hook everything up. I have it all jury-rigged right now, and it's probably not safe. It'll be better by tonight.

But to do all this, I have to completely take apart my computer set up. Thought that while I'm at it, I might as well clean out my desk and make it more user-friendly.

Got a call this morning from an ex-offender I used to work with when I volunteered at the men's maximum security prisons in MO. Did Prison Arts Project (Hamlet), mentored the Writers' Club, and was involved with REC (Residents Encounter Christ). That volunteer work was a huge part of my life. Anyway, he called and needs help. This is a guy I've known since 1990. He got out 18 months ago, his girlfriend is pregnant, and he doesn't have a job. I made some suggestions, sent some emails, offered encouragement, but that's about all I could do. Except keep him in my prayers. But prayers don't help much when you can't pay your rent and a baby is on the way.

Okay--I'm going to begin the huge project of the day--my computer and desk. I may not surface for days.

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