Wednesday, January 26, 2005

1/26 Coffee and funny business

Yesterday I bought a cup of decaf at Starbucks and it tasted rotten. Guess it was the bottom of the pot. Only took one sip. So I still haven't had coffee yet. I probably won't for a while.

Last night we had a great workshop. I really enjoy learning more about improv. And our teacher is really good. The group is fun too...there are 12 of us.

Found out yesterday that the stand-up group I performed with at Giggles is going to perform again--this time at a bar in South Milwaukee. Should be toward the end of February. I'm excited about that.

Am waiting for a call back from the doc. I can't stop burping. Feel like a dolt. Or a six-month old.


Anonymous said...

I'm so pleased you're getting to do your stand up again!!! Let us know how it goes!

We did a 'remote' for 130 11 year olds today.. and 9.10am!! Ugh... show was fun. workshops were hard... but it was fun overall


Jer said...

Thanks, Bron... I'll let you know how it goes.

And that's great news about the remote. Kids love CSz. I'm working tonight in the box office, and I'm floor manager for the Saturday matinee. That makes me happy because I love working with the kids on Saturday afternoon. Jer

Bron said...

when my sister was on meds - one of the side effects was Yawning... hours of fun :D ;)

Jer said...

It's not the meds doing this though. It's the symptoms of the problem...the meds are supposed to stop the burping. :)