Friday, January 28, 2005

1/28 Staying busy

Yesterday I attended CPR training all afternoon. Will do the same today from 1-5. It's first aid class too. But the neatest thing is the AED...automatic external defibrillator. We get to learn to use that today. Of course we don't get to actually shock someone (drat), but I'm so excited to learn how to use it.

Last night I worked the Box Office at CSz and as usual had a good time. Tonight I'm off, but tomorrow matinee I'm the floor manager. Since D won't be there to do that, I asked him if he'd like me to come in early and answer phones to take reservations. He normally does that Saturday mornings. So I'll work about 7 hours tomorrow and that will be nice. Plus I'm off Saturday night and all day Sunday.

Played online Scrabble the other night with a guy from Seattle. Very flirtatious. That was great anonymous fun. When I found out he was 42 I stopped flirting. I told him I was 57, and he still continued with the banter. So I laughed and told him he was nuts. He liked my humor and chutzpah. I enjoyed the interaction.

My brother John made a beautiful poker table for another brother Joe. They're all getting together to play Texas Hold'em Saturday night. I get so jealous. Wish I lived closer. Guess I'll have to wait until retirement, which is only 10 years away.

By then of course Texas Hold'em will be out of fashion, and everyone will be playing Tiddly Winks or another game I don't like.

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