Tuesday, January 25, 2005

1/25 The day changes

I started out feeling so good today. No stomach pain. Hooray for lots of meds!

Then suddenly my stomach became demanding. It's like the plant in Little Shop of Horrors screaming, "FEED ME, SEYMOUR!"

It continues in that vein until I feed it. Then a little while later complains that it didn't like what I gave it. This just sucks. And the new meds the doctor ordered aren't on the approved list from my insurance company. So the pharmacy has to call for "prior authorization." They said it can take a few days sometimes. Aaarrrgggghh!

On another subject--I completed some tasks at work, and that feels good. Then a few "urgent" and "important" matters crossed my desk and email box. Now I have to put aside my Media Kit project and do more legislative stuff. It's all fun, but it's too much. It will be great when the part-time person starts in mid-February. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and pray it's not a train.

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