Monday, May 02, 2005

5/2 Rec League and Kayla's birthday

Had a great time at our first Rec League match. We won the match, but in ComedySportz that doesn't really mean a lot. The whole point is to entertain the audience and to have fun. So the win/lose thing is basically no big deal. But did that stop us from being competitive? No way.

We did have fun, and I hope the audience was entertained. I have some friends coming next week so I hope we'll get some cheers and more audience votes.

It was funny, during one game we had to try to jump up in front of the group to tell a joke. And it got a lot a little physical. One guy apologized afterward for pushing me. He said, "For a moment there I thought I was _______." He mentioned another player's name. Made me laugh out loud.

We have bright yellow, almost gold T-shirts with the ComedySportz logo embroidered on the front. On the back we have the name of our team--On Parole. And our individual names. We hoped the bright color would make us stand out. At least the rest of my team hoped that. I just wanted a color that brought out the color of my eyes. I don't think that's too vain--you?

Kayla and Hunter looking like a couple of Motown dancers, but actually they're doing a bit from Dora the Explorer. Today is Kayla's 5th birthday.

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