Sunday, May 08, 2005

5/8 Happy Mothers' Day

I was on the phone a while ago with my friend, Debbie, from California and I heard a noise. Didn't realize until it was too late that it was Call Waiting. When Deb and I finished I listened to my phone message. It was Rob from Japan telling me how much he loves me and how happy he is that I'm his Mom. He also said that he was going to bed. It was nearly 2 AM there, so I couldn't call him back.

I'm sad about that.

But thrilled about the message. And I know Jill will call later today too. I'm such a lucky bug to have such wonderful kids.

Once, a guy I dated went with me to LA to visit Jill when Rob was there too. My friend said he couldn't believe the relationship I had with my kids...that we were so free and easy with each other, like friends. I told him that the best reward for being a parent is to have kids that grow into adults that you'd want as friends. Both my kids fill that bill for me. I enjoy their company so much.

I enjoyed working at CSz last night. Stayed later than usual because James, the manager of the LA company, was visiting his Mom in Milwaukee for Mothers' Day. It was nice to chat--remembering the fun of last year's World Championship, and looking forward to the next one in Los Angeles at the end of August. It's cool too that my friend Joanne and her boyfriend Lynn are both celebrating their 60th birthdays that week, so I'll be able to go to their party in Orange County.

Sometimes I think I should just move out there as Jill would cost me less in travel money. Except then I'd have to fly to Quincy to see my sibs. Guess the real answer is to win the lottery so I'm independently wealthy.

Too bad I don't play.


Bron said...

i forgot mothers day...

Jer said...

Oh-oh. You're bad and in so much troublllle!

Bron said...

but i DID remember the UK Mothers day!

Jer said...

Good. Then you're okay, kiddo.