Thursday, May 05, 2005

5/5 Am I still sick? You betcha!

A friend asked me today about which kind of writing feeds my soul (paraphrased)--the technical writing I do for work or the creative writing I do on my own.

Here's what I said, with very few edits:

I've been published LOTS, but in non-fiction and that's just not my love. Like you I enjoy taking things out of the air, wrapping my brain around it, and writing something that others will enjoy. In my case, it's usually comedic, but we're all different.

Writing for my stand-up act is different still--the performing arts versus the written. Yet, it has to be written before it can be performed (unless it's improv), so it still counts as creative writing.

When I worked with the prisoners in the Writers' Club and we wrote that play, it was such an awesome experience. And since we were just in the very beginning of the Club, I did most--actually all--of the final writing. They wrote snippets, gave me ideas, and applauded the completed work (oh, and told me when I made a mistake and left the prison reality for my own).
On and on and on I go... I'm tired out. Worked so hard today and forgot I was sick most of the time. But now I know it...I'm just beat. Today we had an urgent matter with an interview with a major newspaper, so my other work got put on hold. But not really, ya know? Just temporarily, the newspaper went to the head of the line. Now I'm still overwhelmed with other "stuff." Oops, I forgot to write my blog. Maybe this entry will suffice, with a few edits.

Thanks for making me think. Jer

PS--No complaints about so much to do. I LOVE MY JOB!

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