Sunday, May 29, 2005

5/29 Jill's birthday

It seems impossible that another year has passed and it's Jill's birthday again. In my mind she's still that tiny little beauty that didn't want me to leave her sight. Now she's 31 with a husband and two kids and the wonderful life she's always wanted.

Even though Jill lives in Los Angeles, thanks to the wonders of the internet we still talk all the time. I appreciate that so much.

Today I called to wish her a happy birthday and of course I spoke to the kids. Hunter, as always, was so excited he kept yelling into the phone. He's always so eager to tell me everything and I barely understand what he's saying. I love it.

And Kayla was adorable as always. She had Jill mail me a letter and some pictures she colored. They came in the mail yesterday and it was a great surprise to cap off my day when I got home from CSz. So I thanked her for the surprise, and we talked about everything. She's such a grown-up five.

Last time we spoke I told Kayla that I got her some Princess stickers that I knew she'd love. Today she remarked, "Those stickers are sure taking a long time to get here." I said, "I didn't mail them; I'm bringing them with me when I come out again."


Kayla added, "Or you can mail them and surprise me."

I love the way that girl thinks.

Jill, a great big Happy Birthday, and thanks so much for the gifts you've given me over the years--especially for Kayla and Hunter, the best presents of all.

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