Friday, May 20, 2005

5/20 Relay for Life

Wow. What a day. I got up at 4 AM in order to get to the airport in time. Got to Quincy at 10:15 and Jane picked me up. We went to Jan's house for lunch. Niece Jessi was there, so that was an added treat.

At the Relay for Life tonight, it was an unbelievable experience. We all wore T-shirts that said Aunt Bonnie's Bunch and we wore a pin with her picture. She and Uncle Al drove in from Springfield and she wasn't able to walk a lap with us, but she sat and watched as we walked laps in her honor.

The most tearful part for us was when we lit the luminaria. Picture thousands of them around a high school track. One by one loved ones lit them in honor of or in memory of others. We had them for Grandma and Grandpa Bozarth, and sis-in-law Cindy had them for her parents. I took some grand photos of the whole experience.

My sisters and I (and our brother Joe) sold plants and various other items to raise money for the Avon Breast Cancer Walk which is coming up in two weeks in Chicago. Another moving weekend.

I'm way too tired to type more tonight. Tomorrow morning we're meeting Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Al for breakfast, then at 3 is nephew Eric's high school graduation party. Should be a good day.

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