Tuesday, May 24, 2005

5/24 More Snippets

Snippet: My 13 yo niece Sarah has always been one of my favorite people. Here's an example of why. We talked about the fact that her best friend is a boy. I told her I have many close male friends. She nodded and said, "I know. And you have some gay friends. I think that is so cool."

Snippet: At the Relay for Life there were several big sheets hung up, one for each year. Each was full of handprints and each handprint was placed there by a cancer survivor. The person also signed their handprints and put how long they've survived cancer. They ranged from more than 50 years to one day. That brought tears to my eyes.

As we walked by, reading the names, my sisters pointed out the people who were gone. Such a poignancy to that moment. Someone signing their handprint with hope toward a cancer-free future.

Snippet: Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Al were moved by the Relay for Life. They sat in the stands while we walked, but there was always someone sitting with them. I think each one of us sibs were just cherishing them and all that they mean to us, and have meant to us over the years.

Snippet: My sisters and I were there until about 10:30 PM. Joe and Cindy stayed longer. My sister-in-law, Paulette, worked until 11:30 and then came over and walked the track alone. I thought that was beautiful.

Jan and Jane grossed over $600 and after expenses should have about $500 or so to donate. It was time well spent.

Snippet: We were interviewed by a reporter from the Quincy Herald-Whig, and I was quoted in the final article. I'll see if I can scan it.

Snippet: My nephew, Cody, rode his unicycle around the track. He's another one of my favorite people. Ever since he was born I felt there was something special about him.

Snippet: My brothers, Joe, Jay and Jeff joined in the FourSquare playing on Saturday, with Joe playing with us the longest. I feel so blessed with our health situation. The ability to still PLAY is a gift I don't take lightly.

Snippet: While preparing food in her kitchen Jan turned to me and said, "You know, the likelihood is strong that one of us will get it." No need to specify what the "it" was--or who she meant by "us."

Snippet: Regarding our volunteer work--is it fear that drives us? Is it compassion? Probably a combination.

Snippet: On the plane from Quincy to St. Louis I met a fascinating guy. He and his partner are from Quincy but live in Hong Kong and have an export business. The keep a condo in Quincy because they kept the US base in our town. We discussed the wonders and the trials of flying frequently.

Snippet: Jane gave me lots of clothes. She's shrinking out of hers as I'm shrinking out of mine. I'm glad I'm still bigger than she is because I get the spoils of the dieting war.

Snippet: At Eric's party I ate Chocolate Lasagna. Omigod!

Snippet: One of my nieces broke up with her boyfriend. I hate seeing her so sad. I'm not her confidante, but I saw her cry on Jane's shoulder. I'm so glad she has someone to comfort her.

Snippet: Rolls from Underbrink's Bakery. The bakery is across the street from St. Francis Church and katty corner from St. Francis School. So it is obviously a favored place. We all have such memories of it. Many years ago a boy in John's class bought it and continues the tradition. Nut cups and nut rolls are the family favorites. Jane always buys them when someone comes to town. Bless her heart! Makes me love her; makes me hate her. I devoured more calories this weekend than I did the whole rest of the week.

I loved it.

Snippet: Aunt Jenny and Uncle Herb are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary in June. Wish I could attend the party but I'll be in Detroit on business.

Snippet: I don't have many aunts and uncles left--Bonnie, Al, Herb, Jenny, Millie, Betty, Gene, Lolla, Angie, Alice, and Francis (Fran).

Guess I have more than I thought. Most are in their 80s. Another reason to want to be closer to home...or to have lots of frequent flyer miles accrued.

Snippet: There's a family reunion (on Mom's side) in July. These are with aunts, uncles and cousins. We have one a year on each side of the family. I love 'em. We grew up really close to many of our cousins--both geographically and emotionally. The ones who lived out of town said they were always jealous of the "Quincy cousins," because we had such fun together.

What they didn't know was that I was jealous of them too. Even then I wanted to travel and see everything. And even South Bend, Indiana sounded exciting in those days.

Un-Snippet: I took so many notes over the weekend, but there's no way I can capture how I feel about my family.

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