Wednesday, May 25, 2005

5/25 Music helps

Lots going on at work. To stop being distracted I usually just close my door. But that looks so antisocial. So now my door is open, and I have my iPod going strong. When someone stops by my office I just take out the earbuds and I'm available.

The Avon Breast Cancer Walk is getting so close. I'm very excited about it. Besides all the hard work, it's fun spending the weekend with my sisters. However we only see each other on the fly during the Walk itself. We're all doing our own thing. I'll see Jan in our tent (Jane is sharing with her friend, Debbie). And sometimes I'll see them at dinner if I'm not involved in an incident at the time.

We don't have to be there until Friday of next week, so we're meeting on Thursday afternoon at our brother's house in Aurora. My sisters want to hit the new Outlet Mall near Jim and Karen's house. I'd love to do that but two things will stop me: No money, and I have a teleconference until 2:30 that day. So I'll hit the Chicago traffic and it'll take me longer than usual to get there. Probably 5 or 5:30.

That's okay, though. I won't have to feel bad that I can't buy anything at the Outlet Mall.

And we always have a fun time at Jim and Karen's, so that will be neat. Friday we'll take off in the morning because we'll need to be at "Event Eve" by 2 PM. More later on that.

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