Saturday, April 01, 2006

4/1 Fun in NYC

I'm back dating this a few hours. It's actually 3:15 AM on 4/2, but I didn't want to skip a day.

Friday night I got an early April Fool's joke from the universe. I was--there's just no nice way to say this--hurling most of the night. No, not curling--hurling.

I got up for good at 4:15 AM and got to the airport early. The only thing I had in my stomach was a few sips of water, so I wasn't feeling too hot. Don't know if this was food poisoning or the 24-hour bug, but I just wanted to die and couldn't manage it.

Slept on the flight to NYC, and I prayed that I'd packed everything I needed for the six-day trip. The evening before I threw an item in the suitcase, threw up, lay down, threw an item in the suitcase, ad nauseum. (Appropos here.)

Beata missed her flight in NC, but it wasn't her or Robbie's fault. Blame that damn April Fool's universe joke. But she went standby on the next flight at no additional charge. So she was only one hour ahead of me at LaGuardia instead of two.

Beata and her friend Heidi met me at the baggage claim. Heidi is charming, very similar personality to my Beatka.

Instead of taking a cab, Bea and I shared a stretch limo with some other folks. This was Beata's first time in a limo, so we had a good time and she took some photos.

We went to our hotel---70 Park Avenue, also known as the Klimpton. It's lovely, but we couldn't get our room until three. So we went to Starbucks where I had a few sips of tea and a few bites of a rice krispie treat. Was heavenly.

We walked from 39th and Park to Pennsylvania Station, so we got some good exercise. I drank a small bottle of water as we walked. We met Dave in the waiting area. I love seeing him. He's a great guy and a good friend, not to mention handsome and kind. We took the train to Valley Stream on Long Island. Monk, Stephanie, and Ellen were already there visiting with Glo and Larry. Neala got stuck in traffic, but made it there soon afterward.

The food was awesome. Unfortunately I couldn't eat as much as I wanted. But I had a little egg salad, rye bread, and cucumbers. Neala brought "bopka," I think that's the name. It's a Polish cake, but Beata said it's not exactly like the ones in Poland. I ate a few bites of mine, but couldn't finish.

We played tons of games to help Gloria test them for the Wonderful World of Words weekend in November. Such fun. I love playing games.

Afterward, they served ice cream from Itgen's. I didn't have any, but everyone who partook seemed to enjoy it tremendously.

Ellen dropped us off at the station and we went back to the city. As we were walking outsdie of Penn Station Beatka looked up and asked, "What's that building there?" Dave answered, "THat's a little building we like to call the Empire State." Made me giggle.

Beata and I got to our room finally and it's very small, but awesome. This is a "boutique hotel" so it has so many amenities. There's HUGE flat screen TV hanging on one wall.

We only have one queen-sized bed, so we decided we'll have to spoon to be comfortable. (Decided to say that to gross out my son.)

My stomach is bothering me again, so I'm not able to sleep well. Tomorrow we're meeting DF and Stephanie for brunch and then I'm going to work in the afternoon with my team, while Beata goes with Heidi.

Then at six, Heidi and her husband will join us at ComedySportz.


Jill & Todd Potrykus said...

Sorry to hear you are not feeling well. I hope it goes away soon so you can enjoy more of your trip.

Jer said...

Hi, sweetie. I wish it would get better soon. Am pretty miserable. To be in NYC and not be able to enjoy food? It's horrific. :) Love you. Mom

anne frasier said...

well that sucks.

Jer said...

It sure did, Anne. But am a lot better now.