Friday, April 21, 2006

4/21 Fun at work

I have four different meetings today. But at 2:30 PM I get to act. Yep. We're having a disaster drill and I get to be a violent person with a weapon. Yay for weapons. So our whole company has to evacuate the building because of me. I'm psyched. Will blog about it later.

Yesterday, I "introduced" Russ to the family. The good news is that he promises he won't let them run him off. The other good news is that he's good natured about all the razzing he's getting, and he's even giving some back. So everything looks good regarding the "curse of the Bozarths." See we have a curse. If you introduce someone to the family, they usually break up with you that day. If they don't, they are obligated by law* to stay with you forever. It's true! Marriage doesn't have to happen immediately, or even at all, (witness Jane/Pete, Jenna/Josh, Craig/Megan, etc.). Normally, it's a good system as it weeds out the losers. My daughter Jill brought two boys to family functions who broke up with her that same day. When she brought Todd P., he didn't get into all the craziness, but he also didn't ditch her. I knew he was a keeper.

Now Russ has only met the family cyberly speaking. The true test will be an in person face to face. (Yeah, for him and me too.)

*Note: Bozarth law supersedes all municipal, county, state, and national laws.


Beata said...

Or you just do what I did. First get married, lie about the date you got married, then four years later meet the family. I had enough time to prepared and toughened up! I am a keeper too! Just because I there is no way the Bozarth's can get rid of me!!! HA! I am here for good! ;-)

Jer said...

You are indeed a keeper, Beata. You fit into the family so well. Anyone that can smart off to us in their fourth language is pretty darn cool! Love you, Mom

Cindy said...

Beata...YOU were a keeper from the beginning....It is Rob that should worry about getting the boot. ;o)You two crack me up, but it makes for good Bozarth Grandma and Grandpa Bozarth marrying just 2 weeks after meeting each other. But you still haven't topped Aunt Janet and Uncle Tim's LOTTO story. Though your pronunciation for SQUIRREL is hard to beat....YES you are INDEED a Keeper!

Jer said...

That reminds me. I haven't told Russ the lotto story yet.