Monday, April 03, 2006

4/3 Finally a moment

One bit of excitement after another here. No time to sit and write this. But I'm taking a few moments now.

Yesterday morning Beata and I met Dave, Stephanie, Heather, and Celine at Mumbles for brunch. It was a delight. I only wish I could have eaten more.

I ate a little and then had to split. Beata will have to fill you in on the rest because I had to go to work. Yep, on Sunday.

Work went well, we reviewed case records and then walked back uptown to our hotel. A nice bit of exercise, but wore me out since I hadn't eaten much for three days. When I got to 70 Park Avenue, I met up with Beata and Heidi, and we immediately took a cab to ComedySportz New York. Three of the people I knew were on stage, and another guy I knew from LA spoke to me afterward. It's always fun watching people you know perform. They asked us to join them for a drink afterward, but we weren't able to go. On the way back to the hotel we stopped at Dave's recommendation--an Indian restaurant called Chennai Garden or something similar. It was really for Beata, who was craving Indian dessert. I ate some papadam (lentil bread, and rice pudding.

Was able to keep it down, but my stomach hurt a good part of the night. I'm guessing this was food poisoning instead of a virus. It's just too weird. Well, enough about my bodily functions. :)

The place was great, and we took the subway back to the hotel. So that was yesterday, and more about today later.


anne frasier said...

i'm glad to see you're feeling somewhat better. whew!

Jer said...

Had some fruit this morning, and felt okay. So I definitely see improvement. :)