Friday, April 28, 2006

4/28 Too much fun

I did finish my article on Thursday and sent it in. Then we all went to the Commodore to watch Bruce do a set. This isn't his big gig (that's Sunday), but still was wonderful hearing him play again. Afterward I was tired, but hungry. We all ate in the hotel restaurant because we were too tired to go out. It was fun--full of laughter and pretty decent food.

Went to my room and talked to Russ before calling it a night.

Today I got up at 7, worked out in the fitness room for 45 minutes, then met everyone. We went to Sweet 16th, a delightful bakery on 16th Street. They serve some of Debbie's recipes there--the most famous being her blueberry muffins. By the time we got there they were completely sold out. :( But Deb and Lou will pick up a few dozen tomorrow so we all can sample. While at the bakery we all ate LOTS of different things. My favorite was the "grittata." It's a frittata made with grits. I'm not a fan of grits, EXCEPT in this case. Oh, my is that good! The owner met Deb when Deb appeared on the Crook and Chase TV show on CMT. They became fast friends.

Then a bunch of us went shopping. I needed new underwear, and Deb wanted to help Lisa buy some jeans. I decided to look too, but couldn't find any.

NashTrash was next. It's a hilarious tour in a big pink bus. Omigod we laughed so hard. These two sisters, the Juggs, are rip-snortin' fun. And they decided they loved Bruce. He was the object of their affections for two hours.

Throughout the day I spoke to Russ several times. He is in California on business, but not in a fun place--in Barstow. There's really no one there he knows, so he's bored. We texted and called lots. Works for me. :)

For dinner we went to Chili's. Why? Well, all our first choices were totally booked. Tomorrow is the Country Music Marathon and there will be around 22,000 runners, so every place is full. We walked about 1/2 mile there and back, and the food was good.

Our day ended in the big suite where Lisa (from Australia) held a quiz called "All About Me." Brilliant fun! I actually won (by a 1/2 point) and got to choose a prize. All prizes were Aussie. I chose coconut/lime body lotion and body wash. Delicious.

Then I did my comedy routine, unfortunately needed my notes, but the gang seemed to enjoy it anyway. Glo went over some of her poetry that may be set to music, and Deb read the part from her new book about traveling with your mother--which she is doing. All in all a fantastic day. Can't wait for tomorrow.

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