Monday, April 10, 2006

4/10 Life is so good

Last night Jill IM'd to say that Kayla wrote about me in her journal. It said, "My Grandma is coming in for mor days." She's only in kindergarten and spelled it phonetically. I'm so proud of her. I gave her a journal for Christmas and told her it's never too early to start keeping a diary/journal/blog.

So I got to see the journal over the webcam and also see Jill and Kayla. I love webcams, since I don't get to see them nearly enough in person. But I'll see them all on Thursday.

And I got a nice surprise when a member of BroadMinded sent a donation to support me in the Avon Breast Cancer Walk. Thanks a bunch, Megan.

Spoke to Russ for only about an hour or so yesterday. I had to do some work for CPI, and just needed to get to it. Even though I don't relish working at home, it felt good to get it done.

After I finished working, I played one game of online poker. Paid $3.40 and won $6.

Tonight I'm having headshots taken. And in honor of that, I'm having makeup applied at Aveda. I don't think I've ever done that before--for a picture. It should be kind of fun.

After my photo shoot BroadMinded is having rehearsal. We're meeting at Slim's, a bar that lets us use the upstairs when it's not rented out. So that will certainly be fun. I'll probably order a Smithwick's, my favorite Irish beer. It's pronounced Smitticks, as I found out to my embarrassment in Dublin.

I overslept this morning and missed working out. That really upsets me. I'm on such a roll with going to the gym. And definitely can't go tonight, since I'm booked from 4:30 until 10. Drat.


Jeff said...

"After I finished working, I played one game of online poker. Paid $3.40 and won $6."
You nearly doubled your money! :)

Jer said...

Thanks, Jeff. I just got home from rehearsal so I won't be winning any tonight. Yawn. :) Jer