Thursday, April 06, 2006

4/6 Last day in NYC

From snow to spring in one day. Amazing.

Bea and I had a ball yesterday afternoon. She and I went to COA where I turned in materials and met with the COA staff. It was a delightful visit, and so wonderful to finally meet the people f2f who I talk with on the phone.

Then we walked around the seaport, and I wanted to take B to see the Body Museum. She started gagging at the thought so we went to the Body Shop instead. It was cool; we each bought each other a present, unbeknownst to the other. Neat. I got mango body butter. Smelled so good, I licked my own arm. Gross, I know. But true.

We took the train from the lower tip of Manhattan up to 96th and Lexington. As soon as we surfaced from the train, DF pulled up. It was wonderful timing.

Had a nice ride to Astoria over the Triboro Bridge. At first blush, even at second blush, the Kabob Cafe isn't much to look at. But it actually has such beautiful little touches in its tiny space.

The food was superb. We ate way too much. Dave said if he could only choose one restaurant in NYC, it would be this one. I know why. Ali, the owner, is a charmer. He gave us such great attention. He's Dave's friend, but I get the feeling that he's quite solicitous with all customers. I actually can't remember if I've ever had Egyptian food before, but even if I did, it was not as awesome as this.

Then we came back to Manhattan off of 1st Avenue for dessert. Omigod. Another friend of Dave's, and another absolutely smashing round of food.

Dave, I'm going to miss you, but my weight loss program will not.

Kisses and hugs for Dave, with building excitement toward all being together in Nashville at the end of the month, then B and I were up to our room.

That's when the giggling began. It was a hilarious, but I don't know how to delicately talk about what we did. I'll think about it and post more later.

This morning B and I got up at 3:30 and she left for the airport about 4:45 AM. I slept until about 7:30, and then started walking. It was a super morning--including talking to B three times. :) I called her once when I found out the Polish consulate was only two blocks from our hotel.

I spoke to Jill and Hunter from Bryant Park, behind the NY Public Library. A beautiful day and the park was alive with people.

Walked from 37th and Park to 55th and 5th and back. A good morning.

Now will pack, and leave the hotel at 2 PM. I should arrive in Milwaukee by 7 and if all goes well, I'll be home by 7:30. Yay.


Russ said...

Always leave them quessing. I am glad I got clarification.

David said...

I had leftovers from Kabab Cafe for dinner tonight. I'm not too good for my weight-loss regimen, either.

I'm sorry you had to work so much, and even when you didn't have to, you weren't feeling 100%. But you're a trooper -- I knew that already.

See you in Nashville!

Jer said...

Russ, you're the only one who thought the giggling might be from something naughty. :) Actually it was because of our gaseous responses to those fantastic Egyptian spices. :)

Dave, you are such a wonderful friend to both Beata and me. And we can't wait to see you in Tennessee.

Bron said...

exciting trips!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

If you were in the Seaport you were literally right outside my window at the office. We could have had coffee or something! Your daughter in law is so sweet. Sorry dinner got confused. M

Jer said...

Absolutely, Bron. I'm enjoying it.

And, Michele, damn. We walked all around that area. Double damn. Yes, I'd been counting on having dinner. Hope to see you soon in Milwaukee, though.