Wednesday, April 05, 2006

4/5 Still snowing in NYC

Amazing. Snow. Love it.

Monday I worked all day and worked all night. Enough for Monday.

Tuesday I worked all day and worked all night. Enough for Tuesday.

Beata had TONS of fun with Heidi, Heidi's husband Sid, and our friend Dave. But I sadly had to miss out because of work. I knew it would be like this, and am not complaining. I really enjoy doing these site reviews and learn so much.

Forgot to say the other day that Beata's birthday present arrived at Gloria's house in mint condition. And I do believe it was a highlight of the day. At least one of them. My surprise was to have Terry Joseph paint one of her beautiful Italian tiles for Beatka and Rob's new home. It is absolutely perfect.

Okay, back to "all about me." I did have a good time with my colleagues Herman, Betsy, and Terri. We ate dinner together Monday and Tuesday nights, and then worked. It was all worth it, though.

I know I've forgotten so much, but seriously--working those long days is tiring, and I'm forgetful enough as it is.

Who are you? Do I know you?


Russ said...

I hope so:)

Jer said...

Okay. I definitely know you, Russ. :)

Jeff said...

Hi, I'm Jeff, remember me? hehe

Jer said...

Okay, Jeff. You're the famous writer who won the doorway flash contest. I love to hang out with the never-rich and semi-famous.