Saturday, April 15, 2006

4/15 Kayla, Hunter, and Grandma's Universal Adventure, Part III

Another super day. This time without rain. Of course since the weather cooperated, and it was a Saturday, the park was very crowded. We survived however. But not without a little drama, instituted by me. I lost our annual passes. The customer service person gave us tickets to get in free after I said, "One minute they were in my hand and the next minute they were gone." I was sad.

We got into the park and immediately went to the Nickolodeon Splash Zone. We didn't have changes of clothing this time, so we couldn't get wet, but beyond the Splash Zone lay the Wild Thornberry Adventure. It was a HUGE two-story building absolutely covered with foam balls. And there were tons of different guns and other things built in that shot the balls out. Some of them were explosions of foam balls. Need I say that's the only place we went today? I did convince the kids to leave long enough to eat. Then we went right back in. Funny thing. When we went to the bathroom I shook out all three of our jackets and the passes fell out. They must have stuck somewhere in my jacket, because they sure weren't in the pockets. I compulsively checked them over and over again--as well as every inch of my backpack. It was crazy, but we were so happy we found them.

Walking back to Nick after lunch we saw Spiderman again, and Hunter got his picture. He was ecstatic. As he walked away, he thought of something else and ran back to Spidey, who was engrossed with new kids already. Hunter said, "Spiderman, I forgot to tell you." Spidey said, "What, dude? What did you forget?"

Hunter, "I just wanted to tell you I'm going back to play with the balls."

Spiderman, "That's great, dude. Have a wonderful time."

You never saw a happier kid than when he was talking to Spiderman today and the Donkey yesterday.

On the way out of the park at 3 I got them both a toy. H picked out a big Spiderman (of course) and Kayla said, "What I really want, Grandma, is E.T., if it's not too expensive." How sweet. And of course I bought one for her. Both kids were so happy.

On the way home we stopped at Starbucks. I had a cup of coffee and the kids played on the bandstand. A ritual we've done since K was very small.

Jill and Todd got home about 5:30 or so. I was talking to Russ on the phone and we cut the conversation short so I could spend time with my girl.

The only bad thing was we picked up food from Baja Fresh for dinner (my choice). As I bit into my vegetarian Mexicano burrito, I noticed a funny and unfamiliar taste. Damn! It was meat. I had to go spit it out. It was really gross. The kids shared their cheese quesadilla with me, thank heavens.

Now Jill, Todd and I are enjoying coffee, and Kayla is going to read to Hunter and me. I love it!

So much more to say but the kids are waiting, and they win. I'll post the pictures later.

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