Wednesday, April 12, 2006

4/12 Games played

We really had fun playing the game MOODS. You have to make a statement from a card you draw. And you have to say it with a certain mood or tone. Using only your voice and facial expressions you need to convince the other players which mood you're exemplifying. There are ten moods on the board, and you roll a die (secretly) to determine which mood you need to show.

Well, I rolled "romantic." All the women voted romantic, and all the guys voted sleazy. That was the laugh of the day.


Beata said...

I guess no matter what sound I would make, you would always call it: whining????????? ;-)
Mom, I am glad you had fun! We did opened the game from Gloria, but still haven't had time to play it. But it looks very intresting and I am sure we are going to like it!

Jer said...

Mine was great fun, little whining kupka.

anne frasier said...

ooh, that sounds like a fun game, jer!

sleazy. hehe.

Jer said...

It was fun indeed, anne. Loved it.