Tuesday, April 18, 2006

4/18 Normal life can be fun!

Even though I'm currently working and not traveling, I'm still enjoying my life. Last night was good. Three of us--Megan, Melissa, and I--were sitting in Slim's having dinner and a beer. I noticed my cell phone and there were two messages on it. We hadn't heard it ring because it was right before a Bucks game and the place was PACKED! Slim's has this neat thing where you can park there and ride in their Slimozine to the game. The Slimozine will pick you up after the game too, so it makes for a really nice deal.

Anyway, the messages were from Stacy who said she looked for us at Slim's and where were we... I called her, asked her where she was, and she said, "Upstairs at Slim's." That's where we were rehearsing. Amazing. She walked right by our booth and didn't see us, and we didn't see her. So we joined her upstairs and Maria joined us as well. So there were five of us. Anne had to work, and MJ was in Chicago at a class. And of course Michele is still working in New York until June.

Stacy taught us how to do a montage, which is something she learned in Second City, and IO uses it as well. Quite fun, but it took a while to get the hang of it, since it's different than what we've learned at CSz.

Tonight Megan and I are going to Bucketworks to join and to be involved in the long form improv class. For $35 a year you can attend this class every week, and we can also use the space to rehearse for free. Wonderful. Only downside is they don't have Smithwick's.

I actually had two beers last night. Of course I consumed them in 3 hours, so didn't get tipsy, but they were sure good.

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