Saturday, April 29, 2006

4/29 What a day!

I'm tired but happy. We're having such a good time. Started with the complimentary breakfast in the hotel. I had a great veggie omelet. Other than Lisa accidentally breaking her perfume in her bathroom, everyone seemed to have a good morning.

Almost all of us went to toney Franklin TN for their street fair. So many cool and cute items in the tents that lined the street. But the crowds were formidable. All I bought was a Starbuck's Americano.

Then to Victoria's Secret, but neither Suzanne nor I could find what we wanted. Drat!

We had to leave for dinner at 3 because we wanted to be able to have a relaxing meal together at the Opryland Hotel and the Grand Ole Opry started at 6:30. Since it's a radio show as well as a live performance, it definitely started on time.

The hotel was very cool. I just saw a small part of it, but loved it. We ate at Cascades, which lived up to its name, with huge waterfalls. Beautiful.

Dinner was nice. I sat at the end of the table with Bruce, Jan and Dan. It was a seafood restaurant, but I still had a great meal--bruschetta and a huge pear/raisin/pecan/blue cheese salad.

The Grand Ole Opry (GOO) was excellent. Some of the performers are so old I thought they were dead, but they still know how to put on an entertaining show. One young guy I really enjoyed was Rockie Lynne. I may buy a CD. The big show is divided into five smaller shows. And each show is hosted by an "older" star. Fun to see and hear Little Jimmy Dickens and Porter Waggoner.

Back to the suite afterward for dessert and conversation. I got to my room about 11:15 and spent an hour or so on the phone with Russ. (Yes, the posting time on this post is a big fat lie.)

Sunday Bruce performs at the Bluebird Cafe, a very prestigious place to play. Yay, Bruce.


Jill & Todd Potrykus said...

Glad to hear you are having such a good time.

Jer said...

Thanks sweetie. Miss you. Mom