Wednesday, April 12, 2006

4/12 Another yesterday

Lots going on at work, but nothing to complain about. It's all interesting. Last night I spoke to Russ on the phone and then started to pick up around my house. The cleaner is coming while I'm in LA, so I have to put stuff away. Otherwise she'd have nowhere to dust.

Today we're playing a game at work over lunchtime. It's the game I won at Glo's in NY with Games Gang. It's so related to what we do here, so we're evaluating it to see if we should put it in our catalog. What fun!

This morning I left my desk about 8:28 to go debrief on American Idol with some pals, and my grandkids called at 8:29 and left a message. They're excited about me coming to visit tomorrow. Me too!

Oh, I almost forgot. I talked to Chester today. If you are a faithful reader you'll know that he is Rob and Beata's realtor in NC. Beata thought that we'd make a perfect couple except for one slight obstacle...he's been married for more than 30 years. Bea is always trying to fix me up, but she promised not to do it anymore, until Russ and I decide if we "click" or not. :)

Anyway, back to Chester--Rob needed my address immediately, so he called me at work for it. He said he was in Chester's office, and without asking me he just handed Chester the phone. So we did have a nice, short, perverted conversation. Everyone should have that every now and then.


Carolyn Chambers Clark said...

Hi Jer,

Thanks for wishing me well.

I envy you putting out a blog every day! How do you do it?

All Best,


Jer said...

It's just part of my life now. Usually I do it while eating lunch. Guess I've made it a habit. Thanks for visiting.

Beata said...

Mom, I had no idea that you spoke to Chester, until now!!! Both Rob and Chester didn't tell me anything about it. I was in another office, talking to Pamela, my new friend, (who is also a broker there) about different jobs possibilities for me. So, Russ, if you are reading this--I kept my promise! I am NOT trying to fix Mom up with anybody! I am being loyal to you... So don't blame me for that conversation today, because it happened without me even being in the same room!!! :-)

Jer said...

I sent Russ an email so he'd check this particular note again to see your comment. :)

Russ said...

Hi Beata
Do not worry I am not blaming you.
Anyway just means I have to try harder to make sure Jer is not interested in anybody else.

Jer said...

Russ, that is so sweet. Keep this up, please.