Thursday, December 14, 2006

12/14 What to do...

Today I had a conference call with the other Red Cross Disaster Mental Health Managers. It was interesting, and I was told my boss would contact me soon about coming in and working in the DOC for a while. That will be cool.

But I emailed my colleague about the other job, told her I was only a little interested since I'd just joined the Red Cross. And as everyone who reads this blog knows, I love the Red Cross job except for the fact that it's not full time, and I don't get benefits. Anyway, my friend said I should come to Austin for an interview anyway, and see what I think after I talk to a bunch of people.

I'm in a quandary. I'll sleep on it, I think. (Yeah, a brother will be sure to make fun of those sentences.)

So I'll email my friend tomorrow.


Anonymous said...


Move to Austin so I can have a place to go for winter vacations.


Anonymous said...

I was in a quandry once. Hurt like heck. Felt like I had a bad case of sasscrotch.


Jer said...

Steve, I thought your line was funny until I read my brother Joe's. Sorry, my bro wins.

Anonymous said...

Talk about a quandry.
Do I come out of the closet and tell Jer the truth or do I sit on a throne of lies and smell like cheese?


Jer said...

Jeff, Rob and I thought your comment was funny. Beata didn't get it. I told her it was just Bozarth boy humor and that it wasn't supposed to make sense.

Beata said...

None of the stuff Mom says make sense anyway.

Jer said...

No entiendo.

Cindy said...

jer...joe is jeff and jeff is joe, and a Bozarth in an Maple tree.

Also Beata, "you sit on a throne of lies. You smell like cheese" is a movie line from the Christmas Movie, Elf! (the Bozarth Boys are not humorus enough to write for movies)

JER< the clue was JOE is NEVER awake at 3pm on a Thursday!

Jer said...

So this means I have to look at the time the comment is posted? Wow. More work.

Now they're going to keep doing it just to confuse me. Easily done.

Bill B. ( - - : said...

Hey buddy!
Sorry I've been out of touch! Time hasnt't been my own! Email me if you want to visit about this! Take care of yourself buddy!

Anonymous said...


Blood is thicker than water. But double entendre is my game. However, I am a recovered smartass, so I can't blow smoke somewhere.

Steve "no blue pill here" Anonymous