Monday, September 01, 2008

9/1 Labor Day without labor

Had a wonderfully lazy day. After sleeping in (okay, after waking up at 6, letting the dog out, feeding both the dog and cat and then crawling back into bed), Gus and I went to Jan and Tim's around 1. We swam all afternoon and it was great. Gus is so beat that he's snoring away at my feet.

Last night was fun too. What started as just a few people coming to Jan and Tim's for hot dogs ended up being a huge gathering. Almost everyone came and the food was super. Of course everyone brought a dish so there was plenty to choose from.

I'm incredibly blessed.

Will continue with my labor-less day. Am really tired so will join Gus in the snoring department before too long.


Beata said...

Hello Mom, I finally made it to your blog! I will have more time to do more in my life after this coming Friday. I can't wait. I was thinking about you this morning, and your blog. You are pretty much writing this family's saga, a never ending diary, and if only this blog could be convertet to books, it would be the most amazing memory for us when we get older, and for the next generations to come. Just an idea... :-) I love you soooo much! I hope your back is better! MIss you!!!

Jerilyn Dufresne, author said...

Thanks, sweetie. But Joe is much better at blogging the family saga. I'm good at logging my aches and pains. :) Love you...can't wait to see you guys. Not too long,...