Tuesday, September 02, 2008

9/2 Brother and stuff

One of my brothers had cataract surgery today and is doing very well. It's so good to hear that he already sees the improvement. Hooray for that!

I go tomorrow to St. Louis. Am looking forward to seeing the neurosurgeon since I fell twice yesterday. Once at Jan's and once here. The fall at Jan's was definitely from the imbalance issue. The one here was aided and abetted by dog food on the floor. Just what I needed. After I was done crying and cussing, I laughed. Had to. I fell so hard that gas exploded from my body. Luckily no one was around and my animals weren't close enough to be killed by the explosion. Gosh it was funny.

But it sure hurts today.

And I found out today all the work that my car needs. Omigod, I might as well buy a new one. Sure hope it makes it to St. Louis and back. Forgot to ask the mechanic about that. Oh well...I'm sure it will. (I'm an optimist, remember?)

Just went over to Joe and Cindy's to get some tomatoes and Cindy asked if she could take Gussie for a walk with her dog Kirby. Amen and alleluia. Thanks, Cin.


Anonymous said...

Cody's dog, Kirby.

Good luck tomorrow...with the appt AND your car and thanks for checking in on Joe.

Jill and Todd said...

Best wishes for tomorrow. Love you.

Dave said...

FS for tomorrow. Whoops, I guess it's today!

Jerilyn Dufresne, author said...

Thanks Cindy, Jill, and Dave. Will post a quick update.