Sunday, September 21, 2008

9/21 Walked

Yep, Gus and I just walked a mile--and I didn't take a walking stick. After about a half block I realized I should have it because my back hurt and I was feeling unbalanced. But I chose something straight ahead of me to focus on and it helped.

As far as my cold--it's a lot better today. I'm still going between sweating and freezing, but that will pass. Need a nap now because the walk took it out of me. :) Lazy butt--but I can't help it. This cold is just plain stupid. It not only makes me cough and snort, it makes me tired.

I'll be better by tomorrow, and that's a guarantee. One more day of rest and fluids should do the trick. (Gus is already asleep from the walk.) :)

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