Saturday, September 20, 2008

9/20 Not much new

Still sick. But I'm getting better I'm sure--I now have antibiotics and a fierce cough medicine (thanks, Jane and Jan). Slept most of yesterday and a lot of today, so that's got to be doing something good for me. Took Gus for our usual Saturday morning Starbucks excursion, and instead of going in to work, came home and slept again.

My nephew Cody took Gussie for a walk this afternoon. That's about all the exercise the dog's gotten for a few days--he and the cat have been sleeping with me all day. They sure are sweet.

In about an hour or so the entire family will meet for my sister-in-law Paulette's 60th birthday party. I know they'll have a wonderful time, even if the life of the party can't attend. :) Sure wish I could go, but Typhoid Mary needs to stay home.

I should start feeling normal by tomorrow (whatever normal is).

Oh, found out last night that my daughter-in-law Beata has pneumonia. I feel so bad for her, but glad it's getting taken care of now. They're coming to visit in two weeks so she should be all better by then. I can't wait to have a full house--with Rob, Beata, Jill, Kayla, and Hunter. It's going to be great.


Beata said...

Mom, we both need to get better with our health before the big visit. :-) We need energy, girl! I just can't wait to be in Quincy!

Anonymous said...

Beata...feel better soon. I've had pneumonia and NEVER want it again.

Jer...feel better too. I just had that summer cold about a month ago it it was hell. Sad thing about colds is that even though meds help you get through them, ONLY time will take care of them. I am sure John thanks you for keeping your germmies at home...coughing after surgery could be the worst pain ever! We did have a great time, with great food and games. Danny said it was the first time he'd played "lemonade".

Cody didn't take Gussie and Kirby far...said he felt sorry for how fast Gussie has to walk to keep up with Kirby.(and Cody's long-legged stride) Cody has a softer heart than me...I think all that trotting to keep up is good for Gus.

Jerilyn Dufresne, author said...

Yep, Beata. We WILL be better.

Jerilyn Dufresne, author said...

Cindy, I say I have a cold, but don't know. Hence the antibiotics. But you're right about time.

That's okay that Cody didn't take Gus too far I appreciate that he took him at all. It meant a lot to me. And I think you're right to just make him go at your pace.

Today he did a mile and is still sleeping. :)