Friday, December 12, 2008

12/12 Back home and happy

I was so happy to see my animals. I'm serious--I missed my pooch and kitties. Thanks to Cindy for checking on the cats--I appreciate you so much.

Gussie is sleeping on the floor next to me--being at Alpha Dog always wears him out--and the two cats are jumping over him and climbing on my desk. The cats were thrilled to see me. I wasn't so thrilled. They knocked over the lamp in the living room. I'll have to climb over "stuff" to right it. And of course I was thrilled to see them, just not the almost-damage.

Published a new article tonight. Thanks so much for your support by you checking out my writing. I got nice kudos from my channel manager and he mentioned me in an email to all the health writers nationally. Felt pretty good.

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