Thursday, December 04, 2008

12/4 I'm a homeowner again

After a series of mistakes, mishaps, and miscommunications I finally own my home. Kris and I met at 4 PM yesterday at the abstract office, and they didn't have the paperwork yet from my incompetent mortgage closer.

Despite that, we finished before five. Kris and I hugged outside in the snow and we both said, "Finally." I've lived here eight months already.

We're both very pleased. She's been a great landlord, don't get me wrong, but I want this tax help.

My little cottage was built in 1896, making it 112 years old. (I'll make it's birthday be 12/3/1896--that'll be easy to remember. The third of December is when I bought it.)

We both would have loved to have celebrated with nice dinner and drink, but I had to get to QU and teach the last class of the semester. It went really well.

Cindy did a great job with Gussie while I was gone. And, Cin, thanks so much for putting some salt on my back walk. I wanted to buy some, but couldn't carry it. Anyway, thanks a lot.

Gussie was at the groomer yesterday. I finally found one I like--Buttons and Bows and 24th and Spring. They're open from 6:30 AM until 2 or so. So it's easy to drop him off before work and pick him up on my lunch hour. They did a great job on the "face, feet, and butt" grooming. Yep, I left the rest of him long-haired for now. Figured he had a built in winter coat as a lhasa apso, so I'll take advantage of it. He not only looks like an Ewok, he blends in with the snow and it's hard to see him at night in the back yard.

Yay. I own my home. Love to all.

PS--don't forget to read my new Mental Health Column.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, I know it has been a long time coming for you. You should post a picture of it too for the people who have never seen it. I think it has a lot of character.

Beata said...

Great news, Mom! Congratulations! I can tell that you are happy :-)
We miss you!!!

Deb said...

CONGRATULATIONS! So happy for you and for Kris! Enjoy! ;-)

Jill and Todd said...

I'm so glad the sale went though and that the house is now yours. I'm sure Kris happy too. Happy tax ride-offs :-).

Anonymous said...

CONGRATS TO YOU.... a new home is always something to be happy about. I often wonder what Rita would think of having Elaine's granddaughter, and NOW daughter living in the ol' Clarke Homestead? I live having family nearby...handy for when I need to borrow something! I will have Joe pick you up a bag of rock salt (be sure to wipe Gus's feet if he walks in it) and if you save one of you litter buckets, he can pour it in there and you can use a scoop to spread it on the walk---that is what we do.

Welcome to Spring Street Neighbor!

Jerilyn Dufresne, author said...

Thanks, everyone. I'm pretty darn happy.

And, Cindy, that would be awesome if Joe could pick up the salt for me. Thanks.

Jerilyn Dufresne, author said...

Jan, I'll take a picture soon. Good idea.