Sunday, December 07, 2008

12/7 Lots of things

First of all, happy birthday to my brother John. You're really old!

Secondly, Bozie REALLY hates Allie. Hope that changes soon.

Thirdly, my email is screwy.

And lastly I cannot breathe. Just thought I'd get it in there. I'll have to stop by the doc's tomorrow because I leave tomorrow night for St. Louis.

Omigod, Cindy, I forgot to ask you to come over once during the week to check on the cat(s). Allie likes people, not shy like Bozie. But maybe Bozie's bad habits will rub off on her. Who knows? I'll call you today.

Not a smart time to get a cat, I know, since I'm leaving. But she attacked me with love as I got close to her cage. She's three months younger than the dog and cat--four months versus seven months. I'll celebrate their birthdays together.

I have lots of work to do today--laundry, cleaning up, decorating tree, writing and posting a column, reading and grading 10 papers (each 5-7 pages long). What I really want to do is get a cup of tea and then go to bed. Or else play Wii. I think that would be a good antidote to a sinus infection.

Okay, I'm rambling. Sorry.


Beata said...

Oh my god!!!! You got another kitty!!! Yeaaahhh!!!! :-))))) I am so excited for you, Mom. Maybe you and others think that this wasn't such a good idea, but you will never hear from ME! I love her name, so pretty. Don't worry about kitties not getting along. Sometimes it takes a while, like months, or even up to a year. I am talking from experience here :-) But once they become friends, that's it--love forever. So, please, be patient, don't give up, and don't plan to give that new kitty away just because Bozie doesn't like her yet. They are very young and it will not be so bad. Love you! Enjoy YOUR zoo! hahahaha!

Jerilyn Dufresne, author said...

No, I wouldn't get rid of her. And last night all three animals slept on my bed. The two cats were far apart, but they were there. Bozie didn't sleep well (me either), because she had to keep an eye on the new kit. :) Love you