Tuesday, December 23, 2008

12/23/08 The good, the bad, and the fattening

The good is that I WON THE FANTASY FOOTBALL LEAGUE. It's made up of comedians across the US. They've kept me in because I've been in it several years. I finished third once, but this is awesome.

The bad is that I got stuck in the ice yesterday at Alpha Dog. Elizabeth's husband helped me get out. The "badder" is that I got stuck there again today. Had to call a tow truck (thank you Auto Club). And the tow truck got stuck too. I laughed so hard. Was there 2 hours which wasn't too fun, but still it was funny.

And the fattening was we had a going away lunch for a staff member. Oh my heavens! Still haven't had dinner tonight because I'm kind of full. I'll eat something or else I'll wake up in the middle of the night starving.

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Beata said...

I wish we had that ice problem here! That would make me happy! :-) This time of the year is all about eating, so go crazy, mom! Happy Christmas!!! I love you!