Wednesday, August 10, 2005

8/10 Weekend

I wasn't scheduled at all for CSz this weekend. Highly unusual. Normally the only time I'm not scheduled is when I'm out of town.

At one point I was supposed to go to Chicago with some friends, but some miscommunication (probably on my part) put the kibash to that. I'm invited to an all day picnic/party at other friends' home, and it sounds fun. Lots of activities, which I love. My bruises and stiffness should have gone by then. And I can make more on the volleyball court.

I also plan to finish Harry Potter. I'm such a loser. Have had it since the 16th of July and am still not finished. Don't get me wrong--it's an exciting book and I love it. Just haven't put any effort into reading lately. But Sunday I plan to sit by the pool and read.

This morning at the gym, I decided to do something other than the elliptical. Swam laps for 30 minutes. Could have done more, but had to get to work.

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