Sunday, August 14, 2005

8/14 What a wild, wonderful weekend

I didn't blog yesterday because I didn't get home until almost 3 AM. I went to Chicago with Michele and Bron. Bron had performed Friday night at the Milwaukee CSz and last night with the Chicago troupe. It was a riot, seeing the people again that I'd met at last year's World Championship (hereafter WC). Plus Nate from Portland was also there, and sat with Michele and me while we watched Bron on stage.

Even though I'd only met these folks for a week last year, we know each other better than that because most of us are active on the CSz forum online. So I can't wait to regroup with tons of people in LA. I leave next Saturday.

Laughed my ass off last night (of course I wish that was literal). And it was fun getting to know Michele a little more. She's a class act, and a funny lady.

I did make the mistake of having two alcoholic drinks--a margarita with dinner and a vodka on the rocks later. My stomach killed me by the end of the trip. I'm not supposed to drink at all (stomach woes) and I usually don't. And if I want something I'll have one beer all night and that doesn't cause problems. But I learned my lesson last night about drinking.

Today I swam laps for 45 minutes and am working on an article that's due tomorrow (it's still tomorrow until after 11:59 pm Monday). And also am catching up on TV shows I'd recorded. This day is quiet and superb.


anne frasier said...

jer, that sounds like so much fun! sorry about your stomach woes. i can't drink either, but sometimes do in a festive situation -- and always end up kicking myself. i do wonder about trying beer.... it would probably be easier on the stomach than a mixed drink.

Jer said...

I'm so surprised that I can eat jalapenos with no ill effect, but can't drink alcohol or have regular coffee. What a stupid stomach!