Thursday, August 04, 2005

8/4 Friend visiting...

Bron is visiting from the UK. She's in the US because of the CSz World Championship (WC) in LA in a few weeks. But her folks live near Madison WI (her dad got transferred here--they're from the UK too), so she always hits Milwaukee wheneve she comes to the states. We're having dinner tonight and then will go to CSz to watch a show tonight. She'll probably perform with them on Friday or Saturday of next week.

We're going to the African Hut. One of my favorite restaurants in Milwaukee. Yum. I went out for lunch today too. One of my colleagues has resigned and tomorrow is his last day. Today is definitely NOT a good eating day.

A memory just made me smile. When Jill and the kids called me on my b'day, three-year-old Hunter said, "I want to sing a Happy Birthday to You song for you, Grandma." And he began to sing... "Happy birthday to you dum dum dum, Happy birthday to you dum dum dum, Happy birthday to you dum dum dum, ..." After about 10 repititions I tried to get a word in, and he began again, "Happy birthday to you dum dum dum, ..." I laughed so hard the tears were streaming down my cheeks. It was adorable.


Carolyn Chambers Clark said...

Hi Jer,

Finally got you linked to my blog. I had to remove the html at the end and put .com/ to make it work. Just a guess---all the others had .com/--even though your web site address is html, it just won't work for me to link to. on!

All Best,



Jer said...

I sent you an email, Carolyn. It won't work with another .com instead of the html...