Wednesday, August 03, 2005

8/3 Day after my day of birth

Got up early and went to the gym. Was on the elliptical for a little more than a half-hour. Felt good. Drove by the office to pick up some work to do, and on the way Robbie called from Japan. While I was talking to him another call came through but of course I didn't want to switch to it, so I just let it ring.

It was nice to hear from Rob and he apologized for being a day late with my birthday greeting. I told him I didn't expect a call at all since Beata was visiting her family in Denmark and Poland. After we finished talking I discovered the other call was from Beata, calling from Europe. Amazing that they would call at the same time from halfway around the world.

I worked from home today because the air conditioning guy had to come back. The new motor he put in yesterday was so noisy that you could feel the vibrations through the floor all through the condo. But at least the place was cool. The motor he put in today wasn't any different. So he took the whole blower system back to the shop. And I got a motor twice as large for the same price. Amazing. It's quiet and it works well.

When the summer is over, he'll come back to check on the leak in the unit that's outside. But there'll be no service charge on that, since he came out a few months ago, added more gas and put colored dye in it so he could find out where the slow leak was.

I'm so happy. And cool.

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