Sunday, August 21, 2005


Jill and kids drove me to the Hollywood Roosevelt and stuck around a little while to meet some of my friends. Bron didn’t make it while they were still here, so that was a little disappointing, but Rachel Wareing from the UK, and James Bailey from LA got to meet them. I was happy that at least someone met my daughter and grandkids, so they know I wasn’t having a “pretend” family—Jill, Kayla and Hunter are real. J The kids loved running around the big hotel and they helped me find the pool, which was the setting for part of the movie, Catch Me if You Can. Lovely place.

We walked across the street to Graumann’s Chinese Theatre and Hunter was THRILLED to see Spiderman there. We took a picture of Spidey holding H, and of course had to tip Spiderman for the privilege. Kayla saw a Mickey Mouse but didn’t want a picture until it was too late.

Then we walked across the street to a Baja Fresh for lunch and Spiderman was sitting outside with his mask off smoking a cigarette. The “other” Spidey was still across the street, so we told Hunter that the real one was there, and the one smoking was a fake superhero. He bought it.

They left soon afterward for their trip back to Castaic. I hate it when they leave, but at least I have some fun to look forward to this week. And they’ll visit me in October for a whole week, so that’s a great treat for the future.

Other CSz’ers kept arriving and we had a pool party. The place is so ultra-trendy that not even one of us went into the pool. But many enjoyed the view as the pool is bikini top optional, and some of the sunbathers were taking advantage of that rule. J The pool cabana was very cool, and very modern. We enjoyed bowling that evening at the Lucky Strike. Had a great time—and most of us bowled. Just for the record—I sucked. But that’s because I’m not a Milwaukee native. (Twisted my knee as well, and I’m paying the price as I type.)

After bowling, a large contingent went to sing karaoke, and apparently they took over the place, which didn’t surprise anyone. Some of us played Apples to Apples in the lobby. It wasn’t the Jack Reda version but still was tons of fun.

The Blossom Room is off that lobby and it’s where the first Academy Awards were held—over lunch. We poked our heads in to check it out—the door was open and it was empty. A guy in a tuxedo yelled at us. Well, when James found out about that, he was NOT a happy camper. He said anyone who wanted to see the room should follow him in there. And they did.

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