Wednesday, August 17, 2005

8/17 Missed yesterday

Yesterday flew by, and it wasn't until this morning that I realized I hadn't blogged.

Finally finished the article for the February RCY. It used to surprise me how early magazines and journals need the articles. But now that I'm an editor and publisher, I totally understand.

I ended up with something I really liked. Because the person I was writing about was unavailable for further discussion (Europe for three weeks, or something like that), I used some of my journal notes that I'd made from 2000-2001, when I volunteered with Prison Performing Arts. After it gets published, I'll get permission to reprint it on my company's website and will post a link here. The title of it is Crime Is Easy; Shakespeare Is Hard. It's a quote from Danny who played the ghost of old King Hamlet.

Today, it's back to writing legislative blurbs for the Creative team, and copyediting the current RCY, which goes to the printer next week. The JSM is at the printer now, and I have to assign articles for the Forum newsletter. Plus I may take a bathroom break at some point.

Oh, I forgot, since I'm gone all next week I need to finish one of the online newsletters this week. Have I started it yet? Nope. Will I meet my deadline? You betcha.

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