Sunday, August 28, 2005

8/28 Surrounded by talent

Wow. I'm surprised Hollywood didn't explode with all the talent that resided here this week.

Went to breakfast at Sherry's with Rachel, Ste, Steven, and Jill H. Great and cheap--the food, not us.

Then the usual pool gathering. But even more CSz'ers graced the area and I believe at one point the funny people may have outnumbered the beautiful people. We did see Rachel Hunter numbered among the B.P. and I swear I saw Bruce Willis, but was outvoted. Brandon from Portland agreed with me.

I stayed at the pool most of the day until it was time to get ready for dinner prior to going to the Iver Theatre for the final matches. A bunch of us ate at the Thai restaurant (me for the third time) because it's both cheap and delicious.

The word was that the shows were pretty close to sold out, so Troy (Houston) and I bought tickets for both shows. Turned out that all the tournament folks were able to be seated after all, but we didn't regret our decision since we had superb seats.

8 PM match: Chicago vs San Jose and Milwaukee vs Portland. And the 10:30 championship match was home team Los Angeles vs Houston. That made Troy doubly glad he had a good seat.

More later on the after party (fun) and the lack of sleep (not so much). Today I'm off to Newport Beach to frolic on a yacht for the day with friends to celebrate Joanne's and Lynn's birthdays.

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