Monday, August 08, 2005

8/8 Jane's birthday

Today is my little sister Jane's birthday. Younger than me by seven years, but a good friend of mine. I especially love it when someone asks which one of us is the older one. That's one great thing about chubby cheeks--stretches out those wrinkles. Happy birthday, Jane Alice!

As for me--wow, who knew my desk could hold so much "stuff." I'm late on two articles. One goes into the journal I edit, but I still can't be late. The other is for a small Canadian weekly newspaper. I hate being late.

The one for our journal was due to the editor (me) by 8/1 and due to an office in South Dakota by 8/15, so I do have time to write it. Except this is a scholarly journal, full of references and such. It will take me forever. Forever. I'm not exaggerating.

My bruises from the dunk tank look so much worse today. One stretches about 3/4 of the way from my wrist to my elbow. The rest are randomly scattered. There's nothing to be done about them except cover them up. That was hard to do at the gym this morning. So I pretended they weren't there.

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