Saturday, August 06, 2005

8/6 I didn't win

The company picnic was so much fun, but I didn't win any of the three grand prizes. I was so sure I would win--an all-expense-paid trip anywhere our company has a presence--probably more than 15 countries. Airfare, hotel (six nights), $1,000 spending money, and income tax paid as well. Amazing. Generous. Loving. The three employees who won were understandably absolutely thrilled. It was fun to see their joy.

And there were 25 other nice prizes (because of our 25th anniversary this year), ranging from a flat screen TV to $150 gas cards to Packer Tickets to Playstation 2 to digital cameras to portable DVD players and on and on. It was a hoot. I didn't win any of those either, but it was fine. At the end of the drawings, they gave all the non-winners a new 25th anniversary stainless-steel coffee mug which contained a $50 Target gift certificate. So we all won.

I served my time in the dunk was lots of fun but I have so many bruises all over my body. Yet I did laugh through it all...and got really mouthy which made more people plunk down their money. All the money went to a charity that the staff voted on. The COO of Cathy's House came to accept a $5,000 donation from the company as well. It was very moving.

The food was catered by Saz's and was unbelievable. They had a whole table of hot dogs and hamburgers and such for the kids. And they had ribs and baked potatoes and tons of salads, and another table with lots of seafoods. But my favorite was the dessert table which also contained an ice cream bar. Tons of drinks as well. I drank lots of water, and a few beers.

I'm very happy to work where I work. What a blessing.

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