Tuesday, August 30, 2005

8/30 Back to reality

8/30 Back to reality

In many ways I’m glad to be home.

But in most ways—not so much. I loved my latest trip to SoCal so much and find it hard to face the reality of too much stuff on my desk, etc.

Surrounded by so much comedic talent is energizing and inspiring. I met a lot of new folks as well as connected with old friends. Some new folks: the New Orleans gang—fun, young, talented, and gorgeous; wonderfully crazy Erica from Chicago; Mary Pat, Margie, Brandon, Tony, and Angela from Portland (added to the Portland crew I already know and love); Dallas folks—Jill, Evan, Eric, Von (hubba hubba) and Misty (okay, hubba hubba for you too—okay, for all of you lovelies); Houston friends, even though I saw you for a short time in Milwaukee, this was the first time I’d seen you at tourney—and Troy, thanks for watching the Sat. shows with me; Buffalo Kevin who saved a shuttle spot for me and Buffalo Tim with his innocent looks; and the LA team members that I’d met for the first time, Myles, Cory, and I forgot the name of the College Team gal who could have been my daughter; New York players Caprice (a licensed clinical social worker like me), Rory and Stephanie; crap, I shouldn’t have started this list because it’s never-ending. I’ll write more later…

(Note to those who asked: My knee is much, much better. I took a cab instead of walking the last two days and there’s a definite improvement. Now to get rid of the five pounds I gained.)

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