Tuesday, August 09, 2005

8/9 Love to travel

Wow. I just booked another flight and am in travel heaven.

8/20-8/29 Los Angeles for my daughter and family, the CSz World Championship, and Joanne's and Lynn's birthday party aboard a yacht.

9/24-9/28 NYC to do a COA site review in Brooklyn (and visit friends).

10/9-10/15 Quincy and will join Jill and kids, visiting our family.

11/6-11/7 Mohonk Mountain House in the Adirondack Mountains.

Then there's Christmas and New Year's in Quincy. Wow, I need more vacation time.

And of course if Rob and Beata make it to the states sometime this year, it goes without saying that I'll take time off (without pay?).

1 comment:

anne frasier said...

that is so cool, jer. and you are so organized!!! i'm inspired. enough to plan a trip? hmmm.