Saturday, August 20, 2005

8/20 Los Angeles/No Sleep

I woke up at 2:30 AM (12:30 AM Pacific Time) for my flight. So I had three hours sleep and it wasn't enough. :) But I was so excited to see Jill and family that I had lots of adrenaline. As usual it was a thrill to hear those sweet voices yell, "Grandma" when they saw me at the airport. They just keep growing...

Last night we went to a free concert at a huge park. It was Atomic Punk--a Van Halen cover band. Thousands of people were there and lots of little kids so it was a lot of fun.

It's late but I'm still awke--everyone else is sleeping. I'm so happy to be here. Tomorrow they take me to the hotel. I'll be so sad to leave the kids after only one night, but I'll see them in about six weeks in Quincy. :) That will be for a whole week and will be lovely.

Now--let the CSz party begin.

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