Tuesday, August 02, 2005

8/2 Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is a very strange day. First of all my air conditioner broke again. This time the fan. And I can't afford to get it fixed or--god forbid--buy a new one. I've got a 10-day vacation in a few weeks in LA. A few days with Jill and family and the rest at the CSz World Championship, and another day at a friend's b'day party in Orange County--on a freakin' yacht. So I don't want to miss any of that.

But it's really hot here--95 today. So I have to do something. Here's hoping it can be repaired and that it won't cost too much. (Laugh with me now. Ha!)

And another thing. I'd expected my office to be decorated--people here always go overboard and it's so fun. But I'd forgotten that a few months ago people decided to stop doing that, and to stop bringing in tons of treats. Now the birthday person brings in stuff.

Well, I did do that. Brought in some yummy high-fat stuff from Great Harvest Bread Company. But I was still surprised when I saw no decorations. But I got a great card from people. And my boss and another female manager took me to lunch. Delicious. Way too much food today.

And I heard from several relatives and friends, so that was nice. And I'm sure my grandkids will call me. Of course, that will make my day.

Now I just need to keep my fingers crossed about the air conditioner. More later.

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