Monday, August 29, 2005

8/29 Gorgeous day on the yacht

I'll fill in the details later. But Joanne's and Lynn's birthday party on the yacht in Newport Bay was a delight from start to finish. Must catch a plane now....


My friend, Bruce, picked me up at the hotel about 10:15 AM and we headed to Orange County. He's from Santa Barbara so had already been driving quite a while. What a sweetie to give me a ride.

We arrived at the yacht at just the right time, got our nametags and were allowed to board. Both of us thought that we could get used to living like this. Joanne and Lynn arrived and also our friends Debbie and David and the party began. The drinks and food were so very good that I know it's how I gained 5 pounds while I was gone. The music, delivered by a steel drum band, was unbelievable. We danced a lot.

We sat with an old neighbor of Joanne's (Nur, from Turkey) and his wife/girlfriend/lady love? who knows... But he was so funny, acted like a realtor, giving us the prices of all the homes we passed in Newport Bay and Balboa Island. Kept me laughing.

I'll get the menu from a post Joanne made on our writing bb as soon as I can find it. Unbelievable.

After four hours of delightful cruising we went to Joanne's home. I've raved about it before, but again--LOVE IT. Gorgeous, yet very comfortable. We sat out by the pool while Bruce and Lynn serenaded us with their guitars. Joanne's sisters-in-law are a stitch and I'd love to spend more time with them. Donna and Marie...lovely. Marie was especially interested in ComedySportz. They all live in Rochester NY and I hope they'll be able to attend a show in Buffalo.

After a fantastic day, Bruce dropped me back at the hotel in Hollywood where I had to pack and reminisce.

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