Monday, August 15, 2005

8/15 Luncheon

Today ten of us went to the "Beyond the Paycheck" award luncheon. I felt proud when Jude walked to the stage to accept our award. Nice feeling.

Today was also Kayla's first day at kindergarten. Jill sent me a picture. Adorable. K was very grown up and didn't want mom taking her; she wanted to take the bus from daycare with her friends. So Jill, and other mothers, are going to follow the bus to and from school. Cute. Jill took the day off from work to do that.


Carolyn Chambers Clark said...


Glad the link works! Persistence pays off again.

Loving reading your blog. You have a very active social life. Mine is dullsville, but I guess I like it that way.

Give me my computer, a tennis match on low in the background, and I'm fine.

Thanks for the congrats re the mystery. I'll let you know if it pans out.
Keep writing...


Jer said...

I'm actually a reality TV junkie, Carolyn. And yes, I'm on the computer too while the "stuff" cranks on in the ackground.