Thursday, September 01, 2005

9/1 Musings

Being on the ComedySportz forum is always fun after tournament. So many people post who normally don’t. This time though it’s a little different. We all met (and loved) the team from New Orleans. We’ve now heard from all of them, but we’re still concerned. For most, their lives will never be the same. They’ve not only lost houses and possessions, they’ve lost jobs too. So far, none have lost loved ones, which is a real blessing.

I switched from IE to Mozilla Firefox today at work. I’ll see whether I think it’s better or not. But already I see one benefit—I can put RSS feeds onto my toolbar. That’s very cool.

Talked to Jill and the kids today. As always, it was so cool. Kayla was excited because today was going to be Green Day at kindergarten. Everyone would wear green and read Green Eggs and Ham. She said, “I’m not going to eat any of that.”

Hunter was all excited because, “Daddy got a new dirt bike it’s a Honda I’m going to get a Honda when I grow up when I get my training wheels off my bike I’m going to take Dad for a ride on it when I’m a big boy…(takes breath)…well I love you Grandma and I’m coming to see you in October on an airplane will you pick me up at the airport wait Aunt Jane will pick me up bye Grandma I love you.” (Sounds of him kissing the phone.)

Can you see why I love talking to them?

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