Tuesday, September 13, 2005

9/13 Waiting and working

I know it will take a while for HHS to check out my credentials, etc., but I'm hoping they contact me soon. Even though I won't be available to go until October, I still want to get started on the shots and other stuff I need prior to deployment.

Lots going on at work. So much to do, and I love it.

Spoke to my boss about the HHS volunteer bit, and she doesn't think there will be a problem. I'm going to write up the request formally and give it to her. She'll give it to the CEO for authorization. That was a relief. Don't know why it was hard to ask, but it was. She's really nice to me, so there wasn't anything to be scared of, but it felt like I was asking for a lot--two weeks unpaid leave.

I'm going to NYC next Saturday (24th). I'll be staying in lower Manhattan near the Brooklyn Bridge, but will be working in Brooklyn. Can't wait to see my NY friends. We're gathering for a Games Gang fun day. And DF will most likely go to see the NYC ComedySportz with me that Sunday night. Should be a great time.

My work begins Sunday afternoon and there will be mostly 10-12 hour days Monday, Tuesay and Wednesday. We'll finish up on Thursday and I'll fly home that night.

I love New York.

Gotta run. Lots to do.

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