Monday, September 12, 2005

9/12 Update

Important stuff first--we sucked last night at Rec League. It didn't feel that way, but the score we received sure showed it. Only place to go is UP!!!

Really important stuff second--I faxed in all the documents today to HHS.

The website is very thorough and gives a list of everything you need to bring for a "rigorous deployment." It also notes that the CDC says to get tetanus shots up-to-date and to begin hepititus B shots prior to deployment. I think I'll wait on that until I find out if they want me.

And I've decided to just borrow the money I'll lose while gone. It's enough if my company gives me the time off without pay, I'm not going to take advantage of them by asking them to provide my salary too. (Although a friend told me that Disney is paying salaries for their employees who volunteer. I have new respect for that company.)

I'm nervous, but am so excited that I might actually be able to help.

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